Airport Authorities

Your county doesn't own any planes, but oversees many aspects of its operation as a county asset.

Stormwater Management

The underground network of pipes and valves and other equipment is designed and maintained so you don't have to give rainwater runoff or flashfloods a second thought.


Public, educational and government (PEG) TV channels are just some of the ways your local government keeps you informed.

County Roads

County road crews are there to keep signals working, signs maintained and more than 85,000 miles of county roadways safe.

Fire Protection Services

Without your having to think much about it, your county tests and maintains the equipment and infrastructure so it's ready the instant someone needs it.


Counties give you convenient access to a variety of local government information via social media, websites, newsletters and more.


There are many, many miles of "county roads" in your county. And many, many that aren't. Road signs are the best clues as to who should be addressing the problem on a given road.

Animal Control

Most people love animals, but dealing with a rabid raccoon or dog, or clearing road kill, are things that most people are glad they don't have to do for themselves.

Recycling Bin Sanitation

Where would you put your garbage, your recycling, your bulk trash? If your county has recycling services, you'd spend a lot more energy than setting it on the curb if you had to do what counties do for you!


Automobile Tag & Title

Imagine the lines if we all had to register our cars or trucks at one state motor vehicle office! Your county tax commissioner's office deals with the Georgia MVD on your behalf instead.

Emergency Medical Services

A service you hope you'll never need, but you'll be mighty glad you have when trained county EMS professionals respond to your call.

Public Transportation

In all kinds of weather, at all hours, county transportation drivers, engineers, laborers and administrators work to provide safe, reliable, affordable transportation for all.

Economic Development

Your county competes against other counties and other states to lure businesses here to create jobs and increase revenues from taxes.

Marriage License

After you pop the question, you head over to see the good folks at the Probate Court who will issue you a marriage license.

Law Enforcement

The sheriff and deputies patrol streets and roads for emergencies and speeders, serve court-related papers and many other things to ensure everyone's safety.


Not everyone owns a truck to use to tote away their yard clippings and fallen leaves. Your county does! And specialized equipment, hard-working staff and efficient systems that make it seem effortless.

You really are why we're here! Who are 'we?' We're your county! And everything we do, we do to make your life here safe, healthy, convenient & more. You'll be amazed at the ways your county works for you. Take a scroll through our illustrated county and see for yourself!